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Building a Better Future

Better Futures Fundraising is dedicated to making the dreams of passionately charitable people come true. We create connections between local nonprofits and the communities they serve through positive face-to-face conversations, which often lead to donations. Face-to-face fundraising isn't new or innovative, but why we do it is: we believe the world could finally see an end to issues like abject poverty, careless environmental destruction, and extreme human and animal rights abuse if charities were smaller, more able to work together, and better funded. Some may call us dreamers, but we would tell them a lot of good things started with a dream.

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Our Values

We believe in developing meaningful connections with people in San Francisco. We aren't just a fundraising company; we are a community building company.

We prioritize positive impact, and meeting the needs of our charity partners. When we profit, we know it came from fair deals, living wages, and promoting positive change.

We believe in building locally, and work to forge networks of like-minded nonprofits who can work together to realize their shared vision.

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Moving People

Community Engagement

We take to the streets, engaging passionate community members in honest face-to-face conversations about the causes our nonprofit partners champion. We turn caring into acting, and thinking into collaborating. People remember talking to us, and sometimes it's the highlight of their day.


Donor Acquisition

In a capitalist society, sales dollars are the universal measure of the value of a product. Money matters, and it makes the positive change we all want possible. We craft sustainable fundraising programs, designed to create long-term income for our nonprofit partners. We entertain, inform, and activate the community at an individual level to create a core of dedicated donors.

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